Spotlight: Copenhagen

Copenhagen was at the top of my list when I was planning my trip to Northern Europe. I can’t tell you exactly why but I was so excited to visit Copenhagen but I was. While I really enjoyed my time in Copenhagen, it didn’t live up to the expectations in my head.

I took the train from the airport to downtown and it was so convenient. The first thing I noticed as I stepped out of the train station was all the bikes! Bikes are everywhere!

At the top of your sightseeing list has to be visiting Nyhavn. This 17th-century waterfront canal is packed full of restaurants and is the entertainment center of Copenhagen.IMG_5859

Another must visit is the Church of our Savior. You can climb up, using the exterior stairs to make it all the way to the top. I was planning on making the trek but the day I was there the line was very long and I didn’t want to wait.
WARNING: It’s always important to keep and eye on your personal possessions while traveling. I was sitting on a bench in front of the church and had my brand new camera next to me. I felt a presence and when I turned I noticed someone squatting down behind my bench about to take my camera. As soon I turned and saw him he stood up and walked away. I was lucky and definitely kept a tight reign on my camera for the rest of the trip.

Since I didn’t go up the Church of our Savior, I decided to go to the top of the Round Tower. I really enjoyed seeing Copenhagen from this vantage point.

A friend recommended that I make a stop at Freetown Christiania, aka the hippie commune. It was quite an experience. If you visit make sure to follow the rules of no photography in the Green Light District (Pushing Street). They are serious about it and they will take your camera if they see you taking photos.

Any visit to Copenhagen isn’t complete without seeing the Little Mermaid! She definitely knows how to draw a crowd.

On my walk back from the Little Mermaid statue I came across this cute church and of course had to snap a picture.

I loved all the architecture around Copenhagen. Here are some of the modern building around the city.
The Royal Library: Det Kongelige Bibliotek (aka Black Diamond)
Dome of Visions
Axel Towers 

Here are some examples of the classic architecture found in Copenhagen.
Rosenborg Castle
Børsen/Børsbygningen (aka The Stock Exchange)
Tivoli Gardens
Copenhagen City Hall

I had to take a selfie with Hans Christian Anderson the famous Danish author who is best remembered for his fairy tales.

You can tell when the Danish Royal Family is in the Copenhagen because of the Danish Flag is flying over their palace. It’s always fun to check out the guards protecting the palace.

It was a little too cold to enjoy ice cream so instead I enjoyed Sticks, a delicious chocolate waffle treat on the Nyhavn Canal!

Here are a few random photos that I found while exploring. Loved the statues, bird houses, signs and people watching.

When am traveling I love staying at local hotels. I found Guldsmeden Hotels from my research and couldn’t wait to stay at one of their 4 properties in Copenhagen. After reading about each one I selected the Axel Guldsmeden Hotel. I loved this charming boutique hotel.

~Have Pillow, Will Travel


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