Spotlight: Scottsdale

I have a soft spot for Scottsdale, AZ. The main reason is because one of my best friends lives there. It also a great location in general. I have traveled to Scottsdale over the years just to visit Kelli and also been lucky to have several work trips where I’ve been able to add on side trips to visit Kelli. I’ve been to Scottsdale during all seasons. In the middle of the summer it is really HOT but it is a dry heat which is WAY different than heat + humidity. It isn’t as bad as I imagined if you live there you just work around the mid-day extreme heat. It’s the equivalent of living in Seattle and dealing with months of rainy weather.

I have stayed at a few different hotels during my time in Scottsdale. My favorite place where I have stayed and hosted 2 meetings is the Four Seasons Scottsdale. It is a gorgeous property and provides impeccable service.

Here are a few photos from my event that took place last week. We hosted meetings & 2 dinners onsite at the resort. The dinners were magical and were probably my favorite dinners I have every planned.

Dinner Night 1: Sophisticated Southwest

To add a little fun to the reception prior to dinner we hired a beer burro. Her name was Corona and she was the sweetest little donkey.IMG_9127

Dinner Night 2: Modern DesertIMG_9388IMG_9264

I loved take photos of all the different cacti around the property.9D8E4159-F412-4B67-B69E-D4D2B991AB6F

One of my least favorite hotels also happens to be in Scottsdale and that is the FireSky. I know other people who have stayed here and enjoyed it but I had such a bad experience here back in 2009 that I will NEVER return. The hotel failed me on so many levels, across several services and there was no remorse when I brought the all the issues to their attention.

~Have Pillow, Will Travel


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