Spotlight: Berlin

Berlin has been on my bucket list for a while. When I told friends I was going to Berlin they were all surprised I hadn’t been there yet given all my travels. The timing had never been right but it was for this trip and I’m so happy I included it on my trip. Berliner … More Spotlight: Berlin

Spotlight: Oslo

I am 1/4 Norwegian and therefore I had to include a stop in Norway on my trip! Oslo was my second stop in Norway after Bergen. Oslo exceeded my expectations and I am definitely planning on returning here. My first stop after arriving via train was to walk a block to the Oslo Opera House … More Spotlight: Oslo

Spotlight: Bergen

When I was planning my trip to Europe I knew I wanted to visit Norway and my original thought was to only go to Oslo. As I was researching I decided to add Norway’s second largest city Bergen to my itinerary. The town located on the West Coast of Norway amongst mountains & fjords and … More Spotlight: Bergen

Traveling Sisters

One of my favorite travel companions is my sister! Naturally we traveled together a lot growing up but as we became adults we traveled together by choice! We have been to Istanbul, Dubai, Cape Town, Reykjavik, and Dubrovnik to name a few. We have the same travel style so we make good travel partners. We are … More Traveling Sisters

Staycations: Seattle

I am blessed to live in Seattle, a city I love!! You don’t have to leave town to have adventures!! You can explore and wander while on a staycation! Here are a few unique photos that I have taken on my explorations! Scroll over the photos for the caption including the location where they were … More Staycations: Seattle