Spotlight: Laos

In March/April of 1994 we spent a week with my Dad in Laos! We were pretty much the only tourists in Vientiane as Laos wasn’t open to visitors at the time and we were only able to visit due to my Dad living there. The Gate to That Luang This is my favorite photo from … More Spotlight: Laos

Spotlight: Kentucky

My sister-in-law (Becca) is a Kentucky Girl. For Christmas they went home to visit her family which was a long trek since they currently live in the Netherlands. They invited us to visit them during their stay in Kentucky. It was so much fun to be able to spend time with all of them. Grandpa … More Spotlight: Kentucky

Spotlight: Thailand

My Dad lived in Laos for 1½ years in the 90’s. Before the internet was mainstream and FaceTime existed. Needless to say we didn’t get to talk to him too often but we were lucky enough to be able to visit him while he was living there. Prior to visiting my Dad, my Mom took took … More Spotlight: Thailand

Traveling Sisters

One of my favorite travel companions is my sister! Naturally we traveled together a lot growing up but as we became adults we traveled together by choice! We have been to Istanbul, Dubai, Cape Town, Reykjavik, and Dubrovnik to name a few. We have the same travel style so we make good travel partners. We are … More Traveling Sisters